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Gustto Handbags - Purses - Totes - Satchels - Shoulder Bags 

Gustto's founder, Agathe Planchon, not only found inspiration from her French upbringing but also from her world travels. A person who has style and flair running through her veins, Agathe Planchon has become a leader in world of contemporary handbags. Born and raised in the luxurious southern coast of France, imagining a line of bags which feel at home on the deck of a glittering yacht was not difficult for her. Portofino in particular was an important source of not only unique color palettes from which to incorporate into Gustto collections, but also the Italian culture of well-groomed and fashionable women.

The over sized and structured bags have boosted Gustto's reputation among the fashion elite as well as becoming a celebrity favorite noting Lindsay Lohan, Halle Berry, Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson, Michelle Tractenberg, Fergie, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba and Hilary Duff as avid fans of the brand.

*Many styles are available in a variety of colors or prints, please click on a style to see available color/print selections.


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